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understand. apply. succeed
math understood; hence, math explained

online tutoring 
online tutorials, one-on-one tutoring, and local workshops
Online tutorials have been and will always be free. Affordable one-on-one tutoring services with one of our credientialed tutors are available both online and face to face in the greater Los Angeles area, including: Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, and neighboring cities within a 10 mile radius of Downtown Los Angeles. Workshops are held locally in the Los Angeles area for group sessions per request.
proven results for K-12
and higher learning
cutsom-paced teaching and goals
The IntuitiveMath Research Project is research in the field of mathematics to identify a pedagological base that best guides a students' understanding of various branches in math. This website serves as a resource for math students and offers free online video tutorials. We have helped transcend understanding of this challenging and feared subject in hunderds of thousands of students worldwide. Every step is clearly and concisely explained with unique techniques designed and tested over the years helping struggling students achieve higher grades in the field of mathematics.
math workshops are now available in the Los Angeles area;
please visit our contact page to request an available time and location
The #1 resource for help is getting connected to others. 

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Wolfram Alpha
Microsoft Mathematics 4.0
Converter for Windows

TGRMN Data Synchronization Software
You can also message us via Skype to the username: IntuitiveMath
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